The college lays a special emphasis on the maintenance of discipline and proper decorum in and outside the classrooms. Students are trained and expected to show due respect to their teachers, be polite with one another and be courteous to all. The students are expected to adhere to the code of conduct. (laid for their guidance)


  1. Students must always be in the possession of their Identity Card, which they must produce whenever asked otherwise they will be fined.
  2. Use of Mobile phones in the campus by the students is strictly prohibited.
  3. Attendance at the prayer is compulsory for all the students
  4. Moving about in disorderly manner and creating disturbance in their free periods is strictly prohibited. Students are expected to make use of college library and student’s common room.
  5. Students must come in proper decent clothes on Thursday.
  6. Students are not allowed to leave college premises without permission.
  7. Students must not give gifts to any employee of the college/hostel/mess/canteen.
  8. Students must maintain cleanliness in the campus.
  9. Students should develop the habit of forming queue.
  10. No student is allowed to use the name or campus of the college in any publication or outside activity without prior permission of the Principal.
  11. Students are not allowed to drive in the campus of the college beyond the parking area. Vehicles should be parked only in the parking lots provided.
  12. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student found involved in ragging will be resticated from institution with immediate effect and action will be taken as per the law of the land. As per the direction of the Supreme Court, the college had formed an Anti Ragging Committee which takes preventive measures, provides counseling and is ready to act promptly to check the menace of ragging.

Names of the official to be contacted in case of ragging.

Dr. Suniti Gupta