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VGC has been setting up with the dream to emancipate women. The dream is to ensure that women gain an equal status in the society of today through pursuit of knowledge and realization of their rights and responsibilities.

We are devoted and committed to empower women to attain their full potential through pursuit of knowledge, acquisition of skills, development of character and self-esteem and recognition of their rights & responsibilities.

I feel proud and privileged to be a part of this modern College, where there is an exchange between tradition and modernity, past & present and individual & society to translate Mary Wollstonecraft’s words into reality:-

“I do not wish them (women) to have power over men; but over themselves.”

Being the first Women's College of the area, it has initiated new hopes and dreams. Education is a human right and especially, higher education with skill development for women open new doors to empowerment .Expanding opportunities with access and excellence is our motto. Success is not a destination for us but a continuous journey into better and brighter future.

The mission of this University is to contribute to economic, social, intellectual and cultural development of the country through the development and upliftment of the girl student. Teaching and training programs will be carefully tuned to enable students to overcome their weakness, to expand their knowledge, improve their skills, develop necessary perspective and enable them to perform to their fullest potential so as to cope with the present and future needs of the world. It is the vision of this University to encourage young women to aspire towards their own fulfillment and empowerment. Let each one of us associated with this University do our best with honesty & sincerity for the fulfillment of this vision.